Monday, March 2, 2015

My Lenten Journey 2015: SEIZE THE DAY A Different Way.

My minister preached a thought provoking sermon (actually every Sunday...every sermon) but since this is Lent, she is calling us to wrestle with the big hard questions. Death and the realization and fact that we are all going to die. So Seize The Day!

Now I have been a Carpe Diem girl most of my life and for me, I always thought that meant a certain kind of deliberate doing of life! I thought that each moment ought to be filled with excitement, merriment, movement....Mardi Gras everyday!  So of course I always thought resting was for the weak and the dead.

But as I go deeper and listen to my inner longings, seize the day takes on a different meaning...a different experience. I long for the stillness of the day, the solitude in hours of doing nothing. The intimacy of reading, or listening to music that moves; sometimes both at the same time. Carpe Diem is indeed seize the day...and sometimes that means solitude and inner sojourns,  Everyday does not have to be about scaling mountains, sailing the high seas or running to the ends of the earth. Some days can be still. Must be still. A gift of time and space.

When I hold fast to one definition of 'Seize The Day" I am leaving out parts of my living story that should have a voice, should have a say in how I pursue living fully. There has to be room for peace and quiet. Time to be deliberately still, slow, meandering and solace seeking.  Seize the day can be about seeking God in the ordinary. Waiting and listening for God's whispers upon my heart.

Moving through this Season of Lent is seizing the day.

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Big Mark 243 said...

... you have been a "seize the day" girl, eh..? Well, you might should "seize" a round-trip plane ticket to Omaha, right..? Seize that..!