Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Lenten Journey 2015: Wine And Words

It is so no secret that I love this time of Lent. This time of dealing with the internal stuff with God.

Each season of Lent presents itself with is own purpose of focus for me. Over the seasons it has been the arts and creativity and personal development and spiritual growth and maturity. This season it's about meditation and the absorption of words in place of wine. I am giving up wine. I am giving up wine and replacing wine with words. Spiritual, sacred, illuminating, thoughtful, uplifting words.

These next 40 days will be filled with letter writing, and written contemplation of where I am going on this spiritual journey. I will write to friends old and new. I will write to strangers  far and near. I will write for 40 days as a way to be deliberately connected to what I say and what I do. I am writing to be a blessing to spirits who may need kind words for their hearts.

Long hand writing is a kind of stillness that invites God to be with me. It is active prayer.

I do believe there is something quite divine in sitting and writing words of comfort and peace. There is something celebratory about sending letters of good cheer and good news. And I do believe God is calling me to this task for further inner illumination and joy. I welcome the call to write. I welcome the return of wine come Easter when true celebration begins!

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