Saturday, August 30, 2014

How Do I LOVE? Part 1.

I posed this simple question to my blog crush Stars Like Grains of Sands in my Pocket :Tell me about how you love? Tell me about how you love deeply? I asked thibased upon a post he did on the guiding principles of his life... Rules to Live by it was impressive and moving.  He is a righteous, disciplined brother who I have come to know a great deal about over the years. Aside from hosting deep and intense fantasies about him moving to Connecticut and being the greatest love of my life.  I like the way he thinks and his approach to things. He is quite methodical. Keep in mind he is quite expressive so you gotta keep reading the whole post to get the divinity of his wisdom. Anyway I was profoundly struck by the absence of love or what I projected love to be... there was no mention of anything connecting him to another human being in the present... lots of past reflections of love gone awry. How could a man who is so completely filled with great compassion, sensuousness  and a willingness to be someones significant other if only they would act right not mention of anything like that? I couldn't understand that and wanted some explanation (I do not deserve any explanation mind you) and invited him to provide me one. He did. Tell me about how you love. I appreciate how you live, tell me how do you love deeply
Always deeply thought provoking... I wasn't quite satisfied... I know I was projecting my own shit here... but I couldn't let it go and he is so graceful and accommodating to me. I was trying to get him to answer the question for me.... about me.... I wanted him to have an answer for my life. He came back to me with another post and this is where I got it! Expansion on How I love.

In the midst of his sharing... I see it... it leaps out at me as if it was waiting for me. "Love is about surrender and acceptance" it was like something deep in me remembered this to be true. And just like that he answered my longing to know with a statement that pushes me to ask... Have I or can I surrender to love and accept love? Gasp! I have blogged about this before and I am going to go back through this blog and see.

Marry Me Mark Johnson. Seriously. I could use a Wisdom warrior in my life.

So now I am taking all this to prayer. How do I love?

Indeed. Love List needs a revisit.... less list and more action. We shall see.


♥ CG ♥ said...

I tell ya, Babz, you've expressed many of my thoughts and questions so many times. I totally agree that love requires surrendering and acceptance. It wasn't until the one person I'm ready to fully surrender too shied away that I realized how fragile it is. When you know what and whom you want in your life, taking anything less is sorta heartbreaking. Not sure that makes sense, but believe me...I feel ya on this

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

I understand. Surrendering takes a huge leap of faith and courage. And your right once you're ready, once you get a taste of it you can never go back to less than that.

Big Mark 243 said...

... in fact, Curvy, that is EXACTLY the choice that I have made ... you can only become a part of my life, whether in a limited, incidental way, or in an intimate, full-fledged partnership if you bring value with your presence ... there can be no exceptions ... I dare not make one..!

Babs, you flatter me, and that is for real..! If Conneticut was not so pricey..! :0)