Saturday, May 11, 2013

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY: Motherhood as Ministry...

Everything is becoming ministry in my life.  Thinking this way allows me to fully hold the things dear as sacred... like marriage... friendships and motherhood.

I am a MOTHER, a mom, a Big Mama.  When any child calls mommy I respond.  That's just the deal.  I accept it and I actually dig it on a lot of levels.  There are days when I feel supremely equipped, and then there are days when I am overwhelmed and totally unprepared.  But never do I ever consider quitting.  Getting away, yes! Longer summer camp, Yes!  Being their Mom, that's my lifetime commitment.

Every time I hear about abuse stories involving children my first thought is thank God my children are safe with me.  I know where they are and they are well cared for.  I don't dwell on what their life stories could have been like had we not adopted them.  I like to believe that God put them where they needed to be... to save my life.

Motherhood as ministry is not some nice sentiment, it is about understanding the power and responsibility I have for raising socially conscious, kind, smart and loving people. It is knowing that all that I have I give to them for their betterment and growth.  Being a mother is being fearless. It is going against all kinds of odds to ensure my kids get what they need.  I am a village builder, a bread-winner, chief bottle washer.  And more than anything I love it to my core.

Oh yes, I am excited about them flying the nest and creating the life of their dreams as I did for myself.  I will not be the mother that will clip their wings to keep them close.  I want them to bounce around the world and make friends across continents. The world is truly theirs and I want them to fall in love in it.

Motherhood as ministry is a calling of the highest order.  A sacred call that many answer.  The call is different for each person.  Some are called to be the vessels, others the nurturers, others the lesson, and still others to be the safe haven and sometimes one may be called to be it all.  I know what my call was and is ... to be a safe haven. 

I believe I am. I am a safe have for my children.  That is my ministry.

Happy Mother's Day!


Moanerplicity said...

Happy Mother's, Moms, Big Mama, Mami's, Mamacita, Mumsy's, & Baby Mama's Day to YOU, My Friend!




Coach Angela Ross said...


and you are a FANTABULOUS mommy!