Monday, May 20, 2013

Beyond Love Comtemplation

I want the kind of love that endures, and uplifts.  I want the stuff legends are made of.  I cannot get that kind of love by wishing for it or simply daydreaming about it.  I have to be intentional and committed in my steps and actions.  I can't just pray it, I have to live it.

Love is a verb.  Love is doing and being.  Love requires movement. Love of self, of life, of everything on the planet and perhaps beyond.  God loves me and there is noting I need to do but breathe.  The other part of God's love is my call to love as God loves me.  Intentionally.  Without judgement, without conditions, without barriers.  The delight and liberation is in the call to love. The delight is divine, being in God's presence.  Love  is being in God's presence.  Loving everything puts me in God's presence.

There is a clarity about Love and the call to Love that is hard to articulate.  This clarity calls me to be and do, rather than contemplate.  I have moved beyond the love contemplative stage. Not because I am wise or all-knowing, but because I can see what love calls me to be and do.  That's it.

God is speaking.  I am listening.


Big Mark 243 said...

This is very inspirational..!

Moanerplicity said...

Love is indeed a "VERB." I have
said it, written about it in books & try my best each day to LIVE it as such. Call it a cliche', BUT actions really DO speak LOUDER than words.