Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wayne Dyer -- Soulmates Part 2

Part 2. So illuminating.

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Big Mark 243 said...

Some people consider Dr. Dyer a hack but something in me responds when I listen to him speak so, I guess that is that with that!

I had not heard this from him before but it is something that I ascribe to. I strive always to be kind when given the option to be "this" or "that" with people. Alas, I am not at the level that a cat like Dr. Dyer is, so it comes out in my blog.

Are certain people meant to be a test to others, so that they discover their 'quan' or whatever it is that they need in their lives? Hmm, maybe. I cannot completely sign off on that but there are some things that we must face in order to proceed in our own enlightenment. It has to be so otherwise everyone would be operating on the highest level possible!

Anywho, I do think that it is just fine to "survive and advance", that is to say, it is okay not to be overwhelmed by things and to move on to the next episode, whether it is as clean as a whistle or with mud spatter and torn clothes. The important thing is to advance and to grow.

Anywho, I am jus' sayin'..!