Monday, June 27, 2016

Weight A Minute...

I was not a fat kid. As a matter of fact I didn't put on real weight until I was out of college for a few years. However, I was always bigger than my Sister Lo. When she wore a size 0, 1,3,8. I wore a 10, 12, 14.  My mother thought I was getting too fat... a size 10. I remember her saying I refuse to buy clothes for a fat girl. I believe she was trying to motivate me. It did not.

Size 14 was my best. I looked amazing. I was modeling for plus size departments in swanky department stores. Size 14 was PERFECT. I could wear any 14 and look fabulous. FABULOUS! My height and this slight roundness was heavenly. But here's the thing, I did not know that at that time. I did not fully grasp how amazing my body was. I dieted. I ballooned up to a size 18. Depression kicked in. Dieted some more. Size 22. More dieting Size 24.  I am comfortably a 20/22 now. And I'm not sure I am happy. I am trying to embrace this, while creating an eating lifestyle change... Code for yet another diet.

I am more confident than most. But man, I tell you, the images that come at me. The no-longer subliminal messages that scream YOU ARE FAT gnaws at me day in and day out.  This steady streaming of "I AM NOT ENOUGH YET"  "If Only I Were Thinner" There Is A Magic Diet Out There If I just Look Harder". On and on and on until I am exhausted with self-doubt, lack of self-worth and just all out hatred of myself.

There are many days where my weight is not an issue for me. I look fabulous, I have great clothes that fit and are stylish, hip and sometimes sexy. Why am I so twisted about weight? Maybe I think I'm not at my best. Maybe I think I could have more, be more without the weight of weight. But wait, isn't this a distraction for what ails me? Just more things to get at the heart of.

Over the years I've declared "My Last Year Being Fat" look to the right of this post and see the labels... I believe there are a few years running. It is not the source of my underlying unhappiness, it is just another thing showing up.

I gotta get to the root of this weight issue and why I am carrying so much. I must because it's showing up in my spotlight begging for my attention. I've done some work, though; I've linked my sexual abuse and exploitation to this weight. I've linked a whole host of other triggers to this weight. Now my mind and body have to turn toward losing this weight. That's the journey calling me now.

For no other reason than I must be about the business of saving my own life, this weight has to be let go of. And If I'm not interested in saving my own life, then what am I doing really?  Am I preparing to die? Weight a minute? Am, I moving toward my own death? Weighty issues indeed. Answers are needed. A shift in body imagery and acceptance is growing in popularity. Can I jump in the discussion and maybe learn something? Share something? The weight of and in my life is trying to get my attention. It's time to listen and allow this voice to rise up above all others.

Photo by the very talented photographer Karen King


Just Kel said...

Sister Lovebabz,

You are writing my life with your words!

I was the fat kid. The pleasingly plump kid. I am slightly shorter than you are so the 12 and 14, while I would love to be that size now, wasn't really appealing when I was 17. I shopped in Lerner's and Lane Bryant before they had trendy, flattering clothing. Oh the awful memories!

Your post brought tears to my eyes. With each passing day and each passing friend, I too wonder "Am I moving toward my own death?".

I'm getting older. These pounds are getting even more stubborner. Last week someone took a picture of me without me knowing and I noticed that I slouched when I walk and my waist isn't as snatched as I thought it was. I questioned myself "On my running list of things, am I putting myself on top?"

So Sis... I join in chorus with you and claim 2016 to be my last year being fat. And I'm also moving me to the top of my list.

Thank you for this inspiration!

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Hey Sister Just Kel,
Girl, so much that needs our attention! We need our own attention! I am glad anything I said had some value to you! Let's own 2016!