Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Case For A Well Lived Life... Passions Abound.

I was mentioning to someone about the many passions I've enjoyed thus far on my life's journey. I've never had just one passion to drive me for my life's work. I've experienced a great many things that I had great love for and moved on from. I was passionate about working with folks affected and effected by sexual assault. I was passionate about delivering meals to folks living with HIV/AIDS. I was passionate about working with women survivors of domestic violence. I was passionate about politics and being elected to office. I was passionate about all the nonprofit Boards I've served on. I remain passionate about raising the 4 children I adopted. I remain passionate about the Black Press. I am passionate about the Charter School Board I serve on. I am passionate about hyper-mass incarceration and my ability in lending my voice, talents and time to this effort.

I always believed  I could do and be anything and so I set out to do just that. My mother told me at a very young age and I just believed her my whole life. I am always baffled by people struggling to find that one great passion that answers the big question of why am I here? I tried searching for one great passion and I found for me, there's no such thing. I am passionate about a great many things. So I have come to accept and relish that about myself.

I am acutely aware of the sands of time... There is so much more I want to be and do and see. The older I get, the greater the desire to become more of who I am meant to be permeates my spirit. I know why I am here... to be Babz. To expand my mind. To raise children. To fall in love over and over and over until I die. To be a blessing to somebody. To do my part in working for love.

Today more than ever before, I am not stressed by the road ahead. I am not freaking out about what to do next. I have made peace with the allowing of things... my self... this body... my heart and the potential for love of another... As in partner. The wasting of time is not something I am interested in; not with people, or projects or pleasure. I can do or not do as I see fit.

My passions span a wide array of things from social justice, to personal development. I can track my growth on my life's timeline on the the things I was most passionate about. I like that. I am living a well lived life.

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Big Mark 243 said...

Great post..! This was an entry that I really enjoyed reading... it sounds like you are in your stride and moving on with the move on..!