Monday, January 5, 2015

I Am Retiring "Strong" and "Independent" Black Woman

I want to be seen and received as happy, sexy and sensual, spiritual, joyful, fun, family oriented, intelligent. I am retiring Strong Black Woman and Independent. It is time to be explored for other adjectives that make-up who I am.  I read this piece by Kara Steven, The Frugal Feminista 7 Adjectives to Accurately Describe Black Women other than "Strong and Independent"  it got me thinking about this in a very real way... it stayed in my mind... is this true for me? Yes it has been.

I used to take great pride in being "STRONG" and "INDEPENDENT", but lately I am finding that I don't want this to be the sole truth. I want to be experienced for all the other things that I am. I want to be seen and experienced as sexy and sensual. I am. I love sex, and I love sensual things... soft textures, erotica, whispers in the night, quickies during the day. I am more sexual now that I have ever been in my life. I want to be desired for my sexual appeal.

I am happy. I do not sulk around in gloomy moods. I used to before I learned my own heart and mind. When I was younger, I was never really happy.  And never took responsibility for my happiness. But now after much growth and inner work, I am quite happy and it shows. I am responsible for my happiness. Nothing outside of myself can make or break my happiness. I do that and I have learned and grown into minding and tending to my happiness,

I am deeply spiritual, I feel as though I am becoming a High Priestess. I want to be experienced with respect and reverence for connecting with the vibration of God and earth.

Experience my Joy! I am a woman who is joyous and loves to laugh. I admire wit and intellect. I love gazing at the moon, sitting at the beach, eating fresh fruit and drinking fine wine.

I know how to have fun. I enjoy time with my family. We do a great many things together...we eat dinner together every night. We laugh, we joke and hang out together.

Not only am I smart but I possess a modicum of intelligence. I can think. I can embrace broad ideas and I love fantastic conversations. Talk to me about anything and everything!

This is not a back handed dating profile. Moving forward I want to lead with these qualities. I believe if I say this out loud...via this blog and in my life that the man for me will appreciate these qualities. He will have been looking for just these qualities in a mature woman. I want to be seen and experienced as more than just strong and independent. Today I am owning these 7 adjectives for myself and will confidently use them in all descriptions of myself. What I want I have to become.

I am already enough.

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