Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I found this, this morning. It has stopped me COLD. God is speaking to me... this is the message. This is where I have been going. All of this is what I have been doing. This is everything of the moment. Path Illuming.

Taurus & Taurus Rising
We teach other people how to treat us. We teach other people what our worth is. We teach other people what our value is. We teach other people how to value us. We teach other people how to devalue us. We teach other people how to misuse or abuse us. And we teach other people when we are finished learning those lessons
We teach what we most need to learn. We master what we learn to teach. 
I encourage you to take some time this Tuesday to recognize the ways in which you have grown in this area of life. The past couple of years could have felt a little demolishing to your self-esteem in the realm of relationships. But all the cosmos was really trying to get you to do was stand up for yourself, harness your ability to treat yourself with respect and then to act that out in your intimate affairs. These lessons are now coming to a close so make sure you turn your homework in before too late.
But time has yet to run out. Whatever ground you have covered in terms of these lessons is valuable. In fact it’s extremely important that you don’t devalue what you’ve done because it wasn’t enough in your estimation. 
Saturday’s new moon occurs in your Eighth House of wow, I didnt realize I was so obsessed with [insert name here]. It’s also the house of wow, Im not going to live forever and the house of wow, I really lose a lot of power when I allow my fears to control my life. It’s a good weekend to acknowledge some of those beasts. It’s a good weekend to break the habits that bind you to superstition, delusions and irrational reactions to an apparent loss of power. 

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