Sunday, November 30, 2014

Season Of Advent: JOY

I find joy in the most unlikely places... like today, I was behind this car driving so slow all I could do was cuss, and rant. And then I remembered something I read long ago, that perhaps I should see this little inconvenience as the angels intervening to save my life... deliberately slowing me down. Otherwise I would be racing to my to my death possibly. As I thought about this I begin to smile and think to myself, yeah, I can absolutely see that. Therein lies the joy... being open to Angels saving my life. I am noticing the angels handiwork in just about everything I put myself in. This is the kind of spiritual thinking I've longed for. Noticing God everywhere and in everything.

This is the Season Of Advent: anticipating the coming of Christ. In that coming I notice and experience and invite Joy, Hope, Peace and Love into my life and into the world.

So over the next 3 remaining Sundays, I am going to talk about Joy, Hope. Peace, and Love.

I love living in the big space of joy. Things that fill my heart warmly and fully. My smiling happy obnoxious children, positive words of encouragement from my sister-friends, laughing hours on the phone with my blood sister, my generous church family, my neighbors (Christians and Jews) who look out and check in. A home of my own, with a roaring fire and superb french wine, organic chicken in the oven and my fresh Christmas tree that smells like heaven.

I feel the presence of God. I have invited him in to my home and heart. This season brings me closer to the spiritual maturity I desire. Everything is rooted in my walk with God. Every relationship, every work thing, every bond I make or break. This Season of Advent reminds me... and calls me to anticipate MORE! And I do I do!


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