Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How I'm Rolling In 2013

I am one for resolutions. I like to set the tone for the year.  I like to have something to hold onto starting the year anew. 2013 is is shaping up as the year of  TEAM BABZ!  Yes.  2013 is the year of running down my dreams.  Opening my arms to love. And being the very best Babz on the planet.

Life is too fucking short to waste on bullshit.  And I do mean bullshit.... like relationships that have me exhausted, tired and just unfulfilled.  I WANT MORE! BETTER! MO' BETTER! So in order to have that, I gotta step up my output.  I gotta put myself in line for all the good things to come my way. I have learned the lessons before me.  I have contemplated my being.  I have welcomed the epiphanies that have often been contrary to what I was holding in my arms.

2013 is the break out year. The year of WINNING!.  The year of VICTORIES!


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