Friday, April 6, 2012

Break. Birthday. Blog.

It is time for a bit of a respite.  A time to step away from the blog and just put this time here toward other projects.  Just for a little while as I sort, discern, contemplate and daydream.  When I come back I may just change the look of this blog.  Hang some new curtains, paint the walls, tile the floor. You know make it brighter!

Really I am thinking about my birthday too.  May 2nd will be here before I know it.  What do I want this year?
I want the best advice anyone has to offer on life, love,  and baking vegan cookies.  Any pearls of wisdom to carry with me on my journey ahead.  Each year there is a theme of sorts... poetry... music.... etc.  This year its words of wisdom.
I may even want to go back and re-read my archives.  Nothing like looking backwards to chart the course forward.  And since I am such a fool about my birthday, this is the perfect time to make resolutions and grand sweeping declarations about momentous change! Ha ha ha.

The world is loud and I need to seek some peace and quiet for a little while.  I need to put a lid on my self-absorption as I turn my attention to other matters of heart, home and other blogging interests.

I'll be back.


Moanerplicity said...

Life. It all ends so quickly. It really does. My advice/wisdom would be to look into the things we tend to amplify in our world. See them for what they are and NOT such LARGE space-mind-spirit-taking objects or entities. See them for their real size & many times you'll realize that they really ain't isht in the larger scheme of things.

I short: Please, don't waste so much time sweatin' the small isht!

Snatch JOY!


birthdaypartyhowto said...

The key to life lies in vegan cookies. Enjoy them while they last, because the sweeter they are the faster they go.