Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Resolution Countdown 2012: Commitment

Commitment.  Truly one of the areas of my life that could use some shoring up. There are a few weak points in my commitment to the things I say I want.  I say that I am committed to a certain thing (insert... diet, exercise, loveship, friendships, de-cluttering, world peace)  and yet I fall short to staying the course.

Is it the fear of success?  No. I think the fear is what if I put in all the effort and there are no results and everyone will know that I failed.  How is this thinking possible?  I mean I know better, but there is a little piece of me deep down that holds onto this. What if I do all this hard work and nothing happens...zilch...nada...zero!  Intellectually I know this is not true, because any effort yields some result.

I have done this work of excavating old woulds, and past hurts. It seems I  haven't dug deep enough. I have to hold my commitments sacred. My commitments have to be my divine priority. My commitments must become part of my road map for my life.  Where am I going? What do I want? Who am I?  These questions are all connected. Can't just answer one without answering the others.

I am going into 2012 fully free in my heart, mind and spirit.  These early resolutions are my traveling bags for the new year.  I am making the effort to purge the negative energy, thoughts and behaviors that keep me from greater personal success.

Resolution 2012: Hold my commitments sacred.  Allow myself room to move in different directions as needed and as God would direct.  Believe that any and all effort toward my goals will yield success.  Accepting success as uniquely personal and of my own definition and not the world's.

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Moanerplicity said...

That's a GOOD one & it's worth doing one's best to keep. I've tried to be a man of my word & live my life that way, so if I COMMIT to something I do my best to honor it.

It's hard sometimes, trust. But we always have that option of saying yes or no. Right?

Good luck w/ this in 2012!