Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chrisette Michele..Blame It On Me..song & lyrics

One of the best "Break-Up" songs ever! I just discovered this song and man-oh-man I needed it!


Big Mark 243 said...

I really enjoyed listening to you and your sister chat... reminded me of conversations that I had with the sister I gave away at her wedding in better days.

I really liked how she talked about folks who seem to be proud of the ignorance about social media. BUT, sometimes folks are in need of a collaborator to help them build their 'thing'. Myself, for instance. When I think back to my 'what could have been', I tend to wonder what would have happened if the key people in my life actually supported me and helped me make mistakes instead of being a source for error. I think that there is a HUGE difference...

She is so WRONG rooting for the Steelers!! You CAN'T be a Raider fan and root for the Steelers!! BTW, Mike Tomlin was the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl... the Raiders Jon Gruden is the 2nd youngest...

Listening to the lady who makes New Age music was refreshing. Though I could not get into (but can appreciate) the heavier stuff she likes, I too, listen to all sorts of stuff. I don't worry too much about lables... may do a post about that soon, but on my You Tube account, I have a playlist called, Ethereal/Ambient/Textural... but of course, the videos are of songs that call those qualities to MY mind and some songs might be a 'what?!?' to a listener who was looking to hear music that went one way or the other.

I wonder why she seemed to express surprise at the diversity of lil' ol' New Haven? College town... and not just ANY college, either, I find that where you have a core of places of higher learning that you have a mix of culture and art...

Enjoyed both of your shows... do your thing, girl..!

KayC, The Quiet Storm said...

I love Chrisette. She can sing break up songs and then belt out a song like 'Golden' which speaks of love deeper than anything else.


Lovebabz said...

Thanks Big Mark 243!
I am hoping she will come on a regular basis. LOL! She says the steelers are in the same league...so there you have to root for teams in your league!

I am so glad you enjoyed Gaylene. I hope you can get to her website and listen to her music. she is vary talented!

Thanks so much for listening!

Hey KayC,
I really didn't like this song when it first aired. But Now I think it is a really great song. The lyrics are strong and she sings it with so much heart. and you're right about her other song Golden... I belelive we have it on our playlist over at PChats.