Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Perhaps this post ought to be posted over at PCHATS...

I am a woman for making love round' midnight.  I love the wee hours of the night, well before daybreak.  I like the way the house is quiet and the only sound that can be heard is heaving breath and hushed whispers.

I love low sexy talk and witty banter and hands and legs entwined.  I love making love.

My libido has grown over the years.  My desires have become more acute.  I can't imagine not having a robust sex life now that I have rediscovered passion.  I love to have the back of my spine licked.  I love lots of pillows on my bed.  I love champagne and vegan chocolates and fresh cut flowers...roses, peonies, orchids.  I have discovered flame less candles...I can sleep by candlelight and not burn down my house.  I am a woman for mood. 

I love high thread count sheets washed and rinsed in lavender.  I love Oscar Peterson playing in the background. I am a woman for sights and sounds and taste and touch.

This isn't about being horny.  That I can take care of....  This is about romance and making love.  A wonderful day spent, a lovely evening lingering, a steamy night to get lost in.

It is fantasy and reality and drama and desire converging on the alter of my king-sized bed.  It is taking time again and again and again and again.  It is the long slow kiss.  The long slow caress.  The long slow stroke.

I am in the mood for romance and making love.  Not a quickie up against a wall or on a couch.  There is time and place for that.  I want want want want want deliberate, long playing, breath catching, earth moving, love making, complete with picnic in bed and love poems recited.

Perhaps this is my mood indigo.  Perhaps this is a prayer.  In any case it is now spoken into the universe with an expectation that someone will come bearing these gifts.

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Moanerplicity said...

Wow! Just Wow & a Big ole WHOA! I'm wondering : HOW DID I MISS THIS???

Well, you should know that Coltrane was on steady blow in the bg as I read you, & he along with the fluidity of your words seemed most fitting & sensuous.

I think I related most to the time, the mood, the stillness & the groove of those lovemaking hours you speak of... & how right it seems to be left to the language of hands & thighs & glands & candlelit eyes & breaths & that hushed yet lush poetry of orgasmic
moments which feel so close to the heart & the bone & the skin until it makes you think that nothing else can possibly exist... but THIS!

Ahhhhhh.... yes.

SJ, indeed!