Monday, October 1, 2007

What the Hell is Snarky?

I spoke to Babz this morning. She was expecting my call. Actually she and my brother (Uncle Robert) were estimating my call. See, I have a routine where I call Babz and/or my brother after I drop my son off at school. Anyway…. they were en route to Danbury.

At one point the conversation turned to what she’d wear upon release. I asked, “What difference does it make? Can’t you just wear your khaki’s home? Why waste time changing clothes? What… you have an interview or appointment scheduled?” Then she called me snarky. “You’re being real snarky today.” Snarky? Snarky? “What the hell is snarky?” I asked. She enlightened me that I was being sassy in blog speak. Of course, I immediately Googled the word to learn its meaning and usage (it’s a habit of mine – if I don’t know I find out through the internet). So, yes, I was being snarky or rudely sarcastic.

Our conversation ended with the mutual “I love you” and a joke about calling when she could. My brother escorted her inside. I asked him if she was alright, “did she cry?” “No,” he replied. “I told her yesterday that if she did, I’d laugh at her.” Babz, my brother and I chatted about this day of surrender. She vehemently stated that she wanted to be strong and not cry. My brother told her that her strength comes from experience – she’s known hardship and anguish. She should take this moment in time and use it to her advantage. Get her head right, and get back to her trailblazing ways.


Piecake said...

Hi Snarky! I haven't checked Babz' blog since before she left, but I've been thinking about her and saying a little prayer every time I do.
Have fun contributing to the blog. I would love to read a blog about football! I try to go to a Patriot's game or two each year, but I will be out of town this season. We don't even have cable tv, so I can't watch it! UGH!
Anyway, enjoy the blog!

BottleBlonde said...

Thank you for updating us on Babz, Sister Lo. I'm laughing that she's already thinking about what she'll be wearing when she leaves. Quite the fashionista!

Yeah, just when you thought you mastered the English language, you go and find out that there's a whole other world of words to use in Blog Land. You'll learn 'em!

sisterlo said...

Thanks piecake and bottleblonde. Babz would be happy to know that you're hangin' in their w/ me while I'm keeping her "seat" warm Sorry I'm slow to respond - I'll do better, promise.

Too bad for you piecake - I think I'd literally go crazy if I couldn't watch football during the season. Hmmmm, I might hurt someone, I really think so.

My life said...

Hi sister Lo, I am saying a prayer for Babz. I can tell from reading her blogs that she is a strong woman. If you get a chance tell babz that the sister group on yahoo is thinking about her.