Saturday, August 11, 2018

At Home In the Words I write...I've missed Blogging

These days of Summer are sweet and fleeting. I've been away too long. Away from this blog. This holy place where I live on the words I conjure.

So much goodness and chaos still surrounds me. I am happy about this... There is more goodness than chaos. Finally.

I am working on goals without reservation and without stop gaps. Some things still cause me grief and some things bring me great joy. I own it all with a grateul heart. I remain acutely aware of the passing of time. Running out of time hangs on the periphery. No, I am not consumed by the passing of time. However there is a sense of urgency still. I want to hurry and do all the things.

I saw the great Freddy Cole the other night in concert... He sang I'll always leave the door a little open. Sublime. I can't stop singing it. It feels like where I am these days. He sings it in homage to Lena Horne, his favorite singer. She sings it hauntingly and beautifully.  For me its not about the things of regret, or the foolishness of things hung onto too long. It just speaks to possibilities. That's it.


Big Mark 243 said... the new pic..! Glad to see you still come by here from time to time...

DavidGenis said...

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