Wednesday, January 3, 2018

All The Good and More

Happy New Year! I made it! Hahaha! I am not surprised. 2017 was the most fun I've had in decades!

Last year it kicked off with the building of a Squad (Sorors Michelle and Markeshia) and from there we rolled everywhere. Three women... Sorors, up for adventures where the days took us. From a lavender farm, sunflower farm, birthday party in NYC, a vegan chocolatier and a reset in Jamaica. I rolled far and wide. Oh, and cigars and Scotch and more cigars and live music and wine, wine, wine.

2018 will not disappoint. So far it hasn't! I did the Polar Plunge for Parks... I jumped into the Long Island Sound on New Year's Day! It was 7 degrees outside. Below freezing in the Sound. Yeah. I did that crazy shit. Setting the tone for the new year. Jumped into my fears and walked the hell out victoriously!

There is so much I wanted to do in this life and I feel like now is the time to launch all the dream projects. All my hopes and dreams are so intimately connected that everything feels and moves seamlessly. A fluidity I am in command of.

I have two resolutions...I have no intentions of sharing them or speaking about them. This is the year of execution. ACTION! I wrote about the not telling of the resolutions over at my Medium site. Yes, I've been hanging out over there talking about relationships. Anyway, in the words of that great prophet The Godfather of Soul James Brown "Watch me! I got soul and I'm super bad".  I do indeed feel all of that!

Happy 2018. So much behind me and so much ahead. I am in the here and now doing my dreams.

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