Monday, September 12, 2016

I Am Not Asking What Do I Want

October is coming. It is my New Year's resolution-making time. The time where I look down the road and think about where I want to be and what I want to be doing. I can feel the transitioning in my bones. My life will change yet again. My life is calling me to new ground. My life is calling me to new love, and to the healing of the oldest wounds.

The cool crisp mornings are whispering it is time.

I am not asking what do I want. The real question is what am I willing to do for the wants I already have? There are not new wants. I have the same wants that existed at the beginning of this blog. The same wants:
  1. To know me better
  2. To walk and stand in truth
  3. To love with abandon
  4. To be loved with equal aplomb
  5. To continue to attract wholehearted loving people
  6. To be good and kind and generous to my friends
  7. To laugh more
  8. To dance more
  9. To make love more
  10. To love who I am in this body
  11. To be financially strong
These are the wants. These are the things that come and go in my life. I want consistency and long-term. I want eons of good fortune. I want endless days of laughter and dancing. Here comes October calling me to my annual sojourn of offering prayers for the journey ahead.

Photo: Karen King

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Big Mark 243 said...

... this is an interesting list... takes bravery to stand up and ask for these things... of more interest is the pledge to take charge of your finances... you will become even more beautiful as you take care of your balance sheets... it will cause you to radiate even more as it would free you from much of the stress that affect the other items on your list...