Monday, December 29, 2014

Desire Over Reistance: This Writing Life or How I am Moving Into 2015

My Fairy Godmother/WritingCoach/Famous Author/Mentor in our conversation a few days ago, said, "your desire for what you want has to be greater than your resistance for going to get it" This stuck with me. Like a seed planted it just started to grow inside me. Now this is not news or a newsflash. I know this. And yet I just brushed by it. l was always chopping it up to folks just don't understand what I got on my plate What I am going through. And so I would remain stuck with my dreams deferred. I see it all through out my life. The success I've had were because I desired it more than the resistance in going after it. Like Graduate school or great jobs, or other projects.

But somehow I haven't made that leap with other things I desire.... I can see where the resistance has a greater hold. I truly did not want to put in the effort to accomplish my dreams. I wasn't committed to the effort needed for the long haul. That's the truth telling. I wanted results/success/accomplishment with minimum effort. I allowed excuses to be the driver of all things. Even when I felt like shit doing it, I still allowed the excuses to drive me. I KNOW BETTER. But the desires weren't greater than the resistance. I like the fairy tale but was not ready to shift into the reality of the work. Happiness, love, joy, peace, success, purpose, all require a real willingness to go the distance. I have to put myself in the place of allowing these things.... my desires to manifest. I gotta do the work.I am no stranger to work... I am no stranger to determination. I know what hard work can produce. I've experienced it all through out my life.

It also means quit letting people, places and things derail you. My Fairy Godmother/Writing-Coach/Famous Author/Mentor also  said to be mindful of who you share you dreams with... there are folks who are dream killers and dream deferrers. People who are small...think small... live small, dream small and cannot support your big dreams! They will never be able to see what you see. They will only hold you to their smallness. Small people live in excuses in their own lives... holding onto mess and staying trapped in foolishness. They ask why you want to do that? Rather than say how can I help? This last ridiculous mess of a relationship I was in was just this...a dream deferrer. People who have nothing cannot offer you anything other than more nothingness. Especially if everything out of their mouths is criticism, and dream killing. It's like Dorothy getting caught up in the fields of poppies, except there was no pleasure. I have been here before. Different cast...same distractions.

I do not wish to lament the sameness... the going back for more where there is only less. For 2015 my goal will be to layout my desires. To be about the desires of my being.  I am a writer... I desire to write. So write I will. I will deal with the resistance with a structure and a plan. Yes a plan of action.


Big Mark 243 said...

I wish that I could show this to Nebraska ... I wish that she could stumble upon this wisdom, but, in a way, she has... and she has continued on in her way...

Whenever (like now) I am feeling as if I am not going anywhere or things that I want don't seem to be coming towards me, I have ALWAYS chalked it up to my not working hard enough... and I ratchet things up a notch... the phrase I use is, "'s a 'gotta get back into this thing' round" and then that is exactly what I begin doing...

One of the main drivers of my solitude as an adult is that I have not been able to meet someone who realizes that it takes sacrifice to live the life that you dream... quit watching reality TV and begin it NOW...

That is all you have to do... in fact, I tell myself that each and every day..! Good luck Babz... this is the start of the rest of your life..!

♥ CG ♥ said...

Here's a shocker, Babz...I totally feel ya on

I have the same habit of picking up something with the intent to make it happen, but lose interest along the way. I've been reading a great deal about the law of attraction lately and realized that earlier in life I practiced many of the principles without knowing anything about the LOA.

Undoubtedly, our desires will take off like rockets as soon as we simply allow them to. Your mentor is a wise woman. I'm glad her words spoke to you mind, heart and spirit :-)

Here's to a happy year ahead!